8-button Control based IP Keypad

Wall plate based Control keypad w/ PoE and Easy to use control software
MPN: WP-IPKEYPAD8  UPC: 813982021525
Wall plate based Control keypad w/ PoE and Easy to use control software Inquiry


This KanexPro WP-IPKEYPAD8 is an easy to use, programmable eight button multi-purpose key pad based over TCP/IP for controlling various audio-visual devices such as DVD players, projectors, relay bases screens and much more. These keypads can send commands to any Ethernet or relay trigger controlled device in your AV system. With up to 16 physical macro buttons and up to an additional 16 software based macro buttons (8 each on singe-gang version). Pre-program and recall up to 32 (16 on the single gang) distinct macros delivering complete control over your audio and video application.

Colored LED’s & Wall plate powered over Ethernet

The soft and colorful LED buttons are suitable for all environments and can be dimmed based on desired setting. When connected to a network router or switch with PoE, it gets its power through the LAN connection. A separate power supply is also included for cases where PoE may not be available.

Integrated Clock & calendar based schedule system

Additionally, the integrated clock and calendar based scheduling feature allows you to trigger macros to control devices within your installation at a specific time, or on a recurring schedule.


Ideal for use with-in smart home control systems, classrooms, conference rooms or showrooms where audio-visual devices can be controlled by just a click of a button.


  • US single gang wall plate design with adjustable LED brightness
  • Eight customizable backlit buttons
  • Up to 128 total commands can be stored and used across all macros in the system (up to 16 per macro)
  • Supports relay triggers to control compatible devices
  • Supports time and date macro scheduling (single and recurring)
  • Supports 48 hours of backup power for the internal clock and schedule function to protect against blackouts and temporary power loss
  • Supports customizable daylight savings time settings for scheduling
  • Can be controlled via Keypad, Telnet & WebGUI control
  • PoE –powered over Ethernet or DC power supply
  • TCP/IP Ethernet control for simple set up and programming
  • Built-in WEB GUI provides fast and simple set-up
  • Mini USB port - behind decorator-style wallplate for easy configuration access
  • Sticker labels for buttons included for controller customization
  • Macro capability - Any button can be configured to execute multiple actions through Web based GUI. For instance, the touch of a single button could trigger commands to turn on the display, select the display's input, and trigger a relay.
  • Toggle capability - provides additional flexibility by allowing two different sets of commands to be executed with alternating presses of a button.
  • Activity LED’s to indicate various controller states

Please note: An active Internet connection from a switch or router for control of Ethernet devices is required. A PoE supporting network switch or hub is required to use the PoE power function, otherwise access to a local power outlet is needed.



US Single Gang Version



8×Buttons, 1×IP Control(RJ45)


1×Relay (2-pin Terminal Block)


5V/2.6A DC (US/EU standards,CE/FCC/UL


ESD Protection

Human Body Model:

±12kV (AirDischarge)

±8kV (ContactDischarge)


  • 2.75"x 4.5"x 4.5" WHD 
  • 69.9mm×114.3mm×35.5mm (WHD)
  • CaseOnly: 69.9mm×114.3mm×38mm(WHD)
  • (All Inclusive)


0.33 lbs. (150g)

Chassis Material




Operating Temperature

0°C - 40°C/32°F -104°F

Storage Temperature

−20°C - 60°C/−4°F -140°F

Relative Humidity

20 - 90% RH(Non-condensing)

Power Consumption




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Q: In Overview, and on page 2, section 4 of manual, it is stated that "An active INTERNET connection from a switch or router for control of Ethernet devices is required." Don't you mean an active ETHERNET connection is required? I don't see anywhere in the manual what the purpose of an INTERNET connection is.
A: No active LAN connection required and can bee connected to any dumb network as long as all the devices are on the same group of network.






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