Modular Rack for Flexible Matrix System

Organize and Declutter with this 6U Rack for EXT-PROMATRIXUSB/EXT-PROCTRL
MPN: EXT-PRORACK  UPC: 813982022454
Organize and Declutter with this 6U Rack for EXT-PROMATRIXUSB/EXT-PROCTRL Inquiry


The KanexPro EXT-PRORACK flexible rack-mounting systems offer the ability to efficiently house up to 15 EXT-PROMATRIXUSB SDVoE Powered Tranceivers in a neat and compact 6U rack chassis. These storage units are suitable for integrators or installers who require the efficient integration and mounting of multiple units into a relatively small rack space along. Each rack chassis is a standard 19 inches wide. The system allows for the optional inclusion of up to 2 power supply units, multiple cooling fan units, and empty trays for mounting non-standard equipment.

Organize and Declutter

The EXT-PRORACK allows for easy organization of up to 14 trancerivers and a single controller. The rack freatures large openings for maximum cooling and allowing for better cable management and organization. The EXT-PRORACK makes the best use of space for the KanexPro Modular Matrix System. 


Ideally paired with the KanexPro Modular Matrix System (EXT-PROMATRIXUSB, EXT-PROCTRL) for digital signage in bars, restaurants, house of worship centers, large university campuses and in corporate AV signage where sending high resolution video and audio is critical.


  • Rack chassis with 19 inch width designed for installation into standard rack cabinets (6U height)
  • A maximum of 15 individual units may be installed in a single chassis
  • Optional accessories include: Power supply unit, Cooling fan unit, and empty trays for mounting non-standard equipment
  • Optional cooling fan units can be temperature controlled to automatically turn the fan on or off as needed



Physical Specifications

483mm×264mm×300mm (W×H×D) [Case Only]

483mm×264mm×349mm (W×H×D) [All Inclusive]

Weight 6,200g
Chassis Material Metal
Color Black



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