Flexible Matrix System Controller powered by SDVoE w/ POE & RS-232

Unicast, Multicast with easy to control, video wall & multi-view over IP
MPN: EXT-PROCTRL  UPC: 813982022447
Unicast, Multicast with easy to control, video wall & multi-view over IP Inquiry


Next Gen Modular Matrix System

The KanexPro SDVoE powered Modular Matrix system is the most versatile flexible video distribution solution. The system is composed of transceiver devices that can be configured as either video transmitters or receivers with a simple click of a mouse. The whole system is controlled and configured by a single control module which makes setup a snap. Add the system to a 10G network and enjoy UHD 4K Lossless video with zero latency.  

A Central Control System for all your Switching & Controlling Needs 

The KanexPro Modular Matrix Controller (EXT-PROCTRL) is a powerful and flexible tool for controlling multiple transceivers within same network. Install this unit onto the same local network as the extenders to easily define and configure channel routing selections using the WebGUI. It is also possible to define and switch routes using customized groups or presets allowing for easy control over multiple video zones. Without the use of this controller, each individual Transmitter and Receiver pair could only be configured in a basic point-to-point operational mode.

Additionally, this unit supports controlling the matrix, video wall, and multiviewer modes of connected transceiver units. The settings of all connected Transmitter/Receiver units, including IP address, netmask and extender status are clearly displayed within the WebGUI. The WebGUI is easily accessed via a web browser over a normal network connection or by directly connecting an HDMI display and USB keyboard & mouse to the control unit. A trigger input interface is also provided to allow the easy addition of a remote-control keypad, or other trigger-supporting devices, which can be installed within a podium or within a table in a conference room or classroom. This interface manages stored presets with the simple press of a button. Standard control is available via WebGUI (remote or local), RS-232, Telnet, IR Remote and triggers.

Transmitters and Receivers in One Device (Sold Seperately)

The KanexPro Flexible matrix system is an SDVoE IP powered encoder/decoder solution. Each Tranceiver features with one HDMI input and output, phoenix connectors for audio in and out and a LAN (Ethernet) port with RS-232 control port. The encoders use the advanced SDVoE technology to transmit full UHD 4K/60 video from HDMI based devices with lossless video and audio with absolutely zero latency. It supports POE (power over Ethernet) when connected with a POE network switch with distances over a single CAT6a up to 330 ft. (100m) delivering one to one, one to many and many to many over the 10G Ethernet switch.

Compliant with HDCP, this controller should be combined with either of our tranceivers – EXT-PROMATRIX, EXT-PROMATRIXUSB offering a complete configurable ultra high quality video supporting resolutions up to 4K@60fps with Zero Latency. It’s a great solution for those looking to upgrade the traditional DVI/HDMI flexible matrix switchers.

Video Wall function & Multi-View

Create a NxN video wall or multi-view by adding multiple tranceivers to your application. They instantly display and have lossless video for critical video applications. They are all controlled by the central controller module and the web based GUI. 


Ideally used for digital signage in bars, restaurants, house of worship centers, large university campuses and in corporate AV signage, even high risk medical environments where sending high resolution, zero latency video and audio is critical.

  • Video, Audio, LAN, IR and RS-232 over Ethernet extension
  • Hotel or convention center displays
  • Multi-monitor broadcasts
  • Distributed video matrix system
  • Distributed video wall system

  • Enables the management and configuration of multiple compatible SDVoE extenders through a single WebGUI
  • Provides control over the independent routing of video, audio and control signals between all local compatible transmitters and receivers
  • Control over matrix, video wall, and multiviewer modes using WebGUI macros
  • WebGUI clearly displays the status of all connected Transmitters and Receivers, including IP address, channel selection,etc.
  • Can generate serial commands to directly control an external serial-controllable device
  • Can be powered by Ethernet switches supporting the IEEE 802.3af 2003 PoE standard (Optional)
  • Trigger Control Keypad support for easy, single-button, macro activation (Optional)
  • Standard control is available via WebGUI (remote or local), RS-232, Telnet, and IR Remote
  • KanexPro 3 year warranty



HDMI Compliance HDMI 2.0, 1.4b
HDCP Compliance HDCP 2.0, 1.4
Video Bandwidth 18 Gbps
Ethernet Bandwidth 10 Gbps
Video Resolutions 720x400@70/85 ~ 4096x2160p@50/60Hz
Output Video Type SDVoE
Baud Rate 57600 (Default), up to 115200bps
Color Space RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2
Color Depth 8-bit
HDMI Audio Formats LPCM 8CH, 32, 44.1, 48KHz
L/R Audio Formats Analog Stereo 2CH
ESD Protection Human body model +- 8kV (air-gap discharge) & +- 4kV (contact discharge)
Controller Inputs:

1x HDMI Type A (19-pin female)
1x L/R Audio In (3.81mm Phoenix connector)
1x RS-232 (3.81mm Phoenix connector)


1x LAN (RJ45 connector)
1x HDMI Type A (19-pin female)
1x L/R Audio Out [3.81mm Phoenix connector)
1x Debug (3.81mm Phoenix connector)
Housing Metal Enclosure, Steel
Color Black
Dimensions 231.5mm [W] x 117mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Weight 250g
Power Supply 15V/2.6A DC (Locking)
Maximum Power Consumption 2.99 watts
Operation Temperature 32 - 104°F / 0 - 40°C
Storage temperature -4 - 140°F / -20 - 60°C
Relative Humidity 20 - 90% RH (no condensation)



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