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The KanexPro SDVoE powered Modular Matrix system is the most versatile flexible video distribution solution. The system is composed of transceiver devices that can be configured as either video transmitters or receivers with a simple click of a mouse. The whole system is controlled and configured by a single control module which makes setup a snap.
Create one to one, one to many, or many to many by
simply adding the encoders
and decoders to your network switch
Easy Depolyment and functionality
Powerful creation of video walls and multi-viewing for
mission critical environment
Video Wall Application and Multi-View
Create a 3x3 video wall or multi-view by adding multiple
decoders to your application. They instantly
display and have lossless video for critical video applications.
They can all be controlled by a
central web base GUI.
Centralized Control on the Encoder TX
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