MyTurn™ Button for Presentation Systems

Pre-configured, Wireless Dongle for Click & Show me function


The KanexPro MyTurn™ is a USB based wireless dongle designed to click and present the content from your laptop instantly. It works with PC and Mac as well, compatible with all operating systems including Mac OS and Windows. Simply connect the MyTurn button to your laptop using USB and it will pair with base station instantly and display your content on to the screen. There is no software or installation needed to use MyTurn button.

Engage with Simplicity & Reliability

To truly speed up collaboration and clearly engage when presenting or conferencing, the MyTurn button acts as a fast-switch to toggle computers and smart devices enabling you to display the content instantly by a click of a button. Step in or step out any source by pressing the button. When the button lights up red it is on idle mode and ready to pair and when paired it will light up solid blue for you to present and engage your content.

Zero Technical Hiccups

Over 25% of meetings overrun due to equipment or compatibility issues causing technical hiccups when trying to present, or collaborate which minimizes the productivity and efficiency for team members which leads to their most dreaded concern;  on how they will display their content in front of everyone. MyTurn creates confidence and requires no length set ups or anxiety moments. Walk in to any meeting room and present what you need to, no matter which device its on. 

Please note: MyTurn™ base station is required in order to use the MyTurn buttons.


  • Pre-configured wireless USB dongle for connecting one-end to a Laptop/PC
  • MyTurn wireless button when paired, shows content instantly
  • Press the center button to take over the entire display
  • Zero configuration and does not require any software installation or drivers
  • Supports VESA PC resolution and HD resolutions up to 1080p/60
  • Auto – detects via smart EDID built-in to the MyTurn wireless system
  • Wirelessly transmits PC's to mirror or extend desktop to base unit
  • MyTurn wireless button can independently step in/out the source of PC/ laptop
  • Supports remote monitoring the active display on screen from smart devices via app
  • Dual color LED, blue indicates active source signal, red indicates power/link.



Audio & Video Specs: 

  • Video Input Formats:  1x USB
  • Format Compliance:  USB 2.0
  • Video Input Resolution: VESA up to 2880x1800
  • Video Output Formats: 1 x Wireless
  • Format Compliance: WiFi 11n/ac
  • Audio Input Formats: PC embedded digital
  • Audio Output Formats: WiFi 11n/ac

Input Connector: USB Input: USB type A

Output Connector: Wireless Output: WIFI 11n/ac

Video Capacity:  Wireless Transmission at 1080p@ > 30Hz


  • Button: Push button
  • Indicator: Blue/White color back-lit LED indicator


Dimensions: (L x H x R):

  • Without cable: 3.15” x 0.67” x 3.15“ (80mm x 17mm x 80mm)
  • With cable: L=9.45” (240mm)
  • Weight 0.2 lbs (100g)

Construction: 1~2mm plastic with matte black finish


  • Operating Temperature +32° to +104° F (0° to +40° C)
  • Storage Temperature -4° to +140° F (-20° to +60° C)
  • Humidity (Storage / Operating) 20% to 90% (non-condensing)


  • DC Power USB Internal 5V
  • Power Consumption 2W (max.)


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